The Business of Beautiful Bags

While keeping pace with the hectic schedule of London Fashion Week and The London Design Festival, I hurried into a myriad of shops. Compelled by the sharp window displays, warm atmosphere and level of taste, one shop left a keen impression. As a creative and professional, it is very difficult to find laptop bags that marry grace and functionality. For me, a level of protection, sophistication and cool factor is required. While Tumi is producing interesting technical bags, they are a bit bulky and lack a sex appeal. Alternatively, most women’s designer handbags do not have sufficient protection or the appropriate sizing. As the workingwomen whisks from site-to-site, what can she use to carry her documents, computer and necessities? I vote Bill Amberg. NATALIA


2 responses to “The Business of Beautiful Bags

  1. Dear Natalia: We are a London based brand that specialises in beautiful business accessories for women as I too found a distinct lack of products aimed at me as a business woman and style/design afficionado. Bill does indeed do lovely stuff but we’d love it if you’d take a look at our offering! Claire Collins Founder & MD Violet May London

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