Closed Circle, Open Square

Kingly Club

The future of television is online. Increasingly, audiences are viewing programs from their computer and mobile phones. SQUAR.RE TV ( has plans to launch an Internet platform starring life in luxury. SQUA.RE is the luxury-oriented TV & social networking site for people “showcasing their glamorous lifestyles” all around the world. SQUA.RE will mix user-generated and professionally produced content, to showcase unique and new lifestyle trends and allow you to program your very own TV channel. Not the first to make this venture, SQUA.RE will join LX TV (formerly Code TV) and Conde Nast to capture online viewers interested in exclusive lifestyles and brands. NATALIA


8 responses to “Closed Circle, Open Square

  1. Hi Natalia,
    Thanks a lot for your great introduction to our site 😉
    In fact, we are slightly different from the other players you mention as we don’t produce videos, we only focus on gathering key users, whether those are companies or individuals, from around the world and get them to ‘showcase their lifestyle’ on

  2. You’re most welcome Olivier. Online television and the future of luxury is an interesting space. My understanding from an interview with a founding member was that you produce some content. The site will host a mix. Unlike LXTV, which strictly produces it’s own. Is this correct? NATALIA

  3. We do produce a little bit of content but this is more in order to set an example of how everybody today with minimal means can actually produce content … For example I have a cam I use to shoot my nights out and events, and also to interview interesting profiles… as you’ll be able to see soon on
    To come back to your question though, our site will really be a mix of professionally produced content from companies such as TV channels, fashion designers or nightclubs for example, and from user generated content from a broad range of users that will be targeted/selected from throughout the web

  4. Exactly as I thought and thank you for going into detail here. Also, my interview will likely be on the site in coming weeks. I wish your team all the best. NATALIA

  5. That sounds fantastic Natalia 🙂 Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the interview.
    By the way, I LOVE your expression: “Closed Circle, Open Square”
    Very smart and very much to the point 😉

  6. hey natalia , i hope , this is something that really stopped me to read , thanks for your efforts ,
    i hope i will see more of like this !

  7. SQUA.RE is unique & represents the future of online viewing of video. Recently I was watching SQUA.RE & found a really hot production company called Reynolds & Associates. Currently you can catch exclusive videos from Reynolds & Associates on the SQUA.RE main channel & style channel. Look out for the sexy & hot, Caridee English in Gotham Doll and as to my knowledge it’s playing exclusively only on SQUA.RE TV. Check it out!

  8. Hey

    Very Fascinated to hear we still have some intelligent
    people 🙂 alive in this beautiful Earth, you came come up with idea to entertain and showcase their work in everyway

    I Belive everyone has a busy life, a great site to get to know people latest work,social life,beauty to be seen and everyone are serious of what they show or do has they are not making fun of them selfs.

    * A great place to meet warm,adventureus people around the world in minute.. going through every slideshow its like you have entered in their world and the minute is gone your back your world ;(

    ‘okay i should finished my words’ Hehehe

    All the Best to Square site that will always remain safe in the SQUARE box.

    Rose x

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