Designer’s “Vision”


Torsten Valeur, a designer for industrial design firm Bang & Olufsen, has recently collaborated with Samsung to design a new high-end cell phone. However, there was a disagreement between the designers’ vision of  d’art and the direction of the company. So who triumphs? Following industry standards, Samsung changed the screen of the phone to 2.0 in. from Valeur’s intended 2.1 in. Valeur’s reaction: he’s ready to lose 2 million dollars and throw out the design for one-tenth of an inch. B&O is notorious for handing the reigns to their decisions and supporting the decisions of the designers. Rather than involving themselves in marketing and the wants of the consumers, B&O has built their empire from their “genius designers”. But how far can a company grow when they no longer consider the standards and needs of consumers?


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