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Tribute to A-POC

I recently visited the Issey Miyake flagship store located in Tribeca and was floored by the originality and the novel concepts of Mr. Issey Miyake’s designs. A-POC, a line that was unveiled a little under ten years ago, brings one back to basics but with a technological spin that truly connects the garment with the consumer. Miyake’s motto for A-POC has been “to clothe the human body with a single piece of cloth” and to “create clothes that anyone could wear”. A-POC’s razor-sharp geometries and future-forward aesthetics have been applauded, however, it is the secret of the fabric that makes A-POC truly captivating. In the basement of the flagship store, I saw a tube of cloth being fed into what looked like a printing press. It is in this little moment when the beauty of A-POC comes to life. The machine creates little perforated holes into the fabric in the shape of the garment. That is all that is done. All that is left is for the consumer to use their own creativity to cut into the fabric along the perforated lines, or not, to create that perfect look.This article and animated video clip by Sato Masahiko were purely ways for me to shed a little limelight on A-POC and commend Mr. Issey Miyake. =)



Beauty and Sustainability

Angela Lindvall

Eco-Suite at Triton Hotel

Angela Lindvall is one of the world’s most recognized supermodels. She has appeared in ad campaigns for Chanel, Gucci, and Prada just to name a few. However, Lindvall’s most recent focus is not on modeling, but on environmental sustainability. She is the founder of COLLAGE, a public service organization that focuses on pressing environmental issues. At the COLLAGE Foundation website, I found a feature about the COLLAGE Eco-Suite at the Triton Hotel, located in San Francisco, California. The room was personally designed by Miss. Lindvall and 10% of the nightly rate is currently being donated to the COLLAGE foundation. John Galliano also participated in the creation of the room by donating a collage that was made especially for the COLLAGE room. With beauty and smarts, Miss. Lindvall is truly the full package.


Form and Function


Angel Chang is recently being recognized for truly marrying form and function in her garments. After Chang displayed her capsule collection at the Arts Corporation Studio in New York City, she was praised for taking a refreshing step forward towards fashion’s future. Her collection consisted of light-emitting raincoats and heat-sensitive dresses.  Chang’s most notable designs consisted of a double-layered cotton and chiffon romper with black thermochromomic ink that disappears with heat and bold prints of machine guns, fighter jets, and grenades. Adam Beckerman, a 3-D technologist who collaborated with Chang stated that they wanted to remind viewers how war was a daily part of our lives. Chang’s future in fashion is secure as it is innovative.   


Tyvek® Technology and Fashion


Tyvek® is a brand that produces materials that are composed of high-density polyethylene fibers. This material has proved to be lightweight, waterproof and durable, which has allowed it to be used in a wide variety of industries, including protective apparel, construction, medical and industrial packaging, and graphics. The Tyvek® coverall has already been praised by the medical world for its efficiency in laboratories and other hazardous environments. It appears that Tyvek is also quickly finding a welcoming home in the fashion industry. Marian Schoettle, a designer based in New York City, has created a post-industrial folk wear line completely out of the Tyvek® material. Polish designers Anna Kuczynska and Michal Lojewski also featured Tyvek® in several projects for their fashion line UEG, along with Alexandre Herchcovitch who was commended for showing a pointelle shirtdress crafted out of Tyvek during the Fall 2007 RTW Fashion Week in NYC.