Slow Dancing

Sloooow Dancing

Dance is a world of movement within the moment; where artistry is found in the fleeting choices of the here and now. David Michalek’s large scale installation piece, Slow Dancing, seeks to (literally) stretch the notion of the ephemeral nature of dance, transforming it into a meditative work of fascinating stillness. Projected on multiple screens, the piece is composed of 43 video portraits of dancers from around the globe, representing various disciplines from Capoeira to Ballet. Using an HD camera that’s generally employed by the military for ballistic analysis, he records images at whopping 1,000 frames per second (commercial films are usually recorded at 24 frames per second); beautifully extending the 5-seconds of each dancer’s original movement into a collection of 10-minute films.

Through the use of cutting edge technology, Slow Dancing embodies, for both the audience and artist, future horizons of creativity.


Kenya Robinson


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