A Case for Warm and Fuzzy

Simple Bag

Felt is the oldest textile known to humankind.  While it was probably an incredibly accidental discovery (around 6500 B.C.), Felt continues to showcase its versatility by its matted simplicity.  A recyclable material that far predates all the current eco-buzzwords, Felt isn’t just for kindergarteners.  Industrial uses abound- from insulation to production maintenance to manufacturing material- and it still manages to find its place on contemporary runways.  The Berlin based design firm, Parkhaus, has focused its efforts on Felt as a singular theme, exploring the infinite possibilities of the material.  Take the ‘Simple Bag’ (above) for instance; it’s practical and comfortably usable, but it’s the quiet undulation of chic that makes “simple bag” an oxymoron. Everything about its shape and color quietly muffles the inherent practically of its usage and transforms the piece into “ideas made tangible”. Parkhaus offers a full range of felt fabricated items that share a pleasing balance of design and functionality.  To view the complete collection (including customized options) visit www.parkhausberlin.de .


Kenya Robinson


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  1. Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!

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