Marathon Material

Newton Running Shoes (Pair)

The future of design often includes elemental inspiration; improving upon ancient techniques and achieving contemporary innovation. Enter Newton Running Shoes. With a brand name that pays homage to Sir Issac himself, Newton incorporates the instinctual efficiency of the human body to create products that connect with dedicated runners. A favorite of professional Triathlete Michellie Jones, Newtown Shoes uses conscientious design to enhance the ‘strike and stride’ action of long distance training. By mimicking the musculature and connective tissue of the foot, the segmented sole acts as a suspension system, designed to sustain the kinetics of running barefoot. Developed by a team of runners and coaches, each selection in the Newton product range wraps the foot in a florescent concoction of silver and breathable netting, providing comfort cushioning, as well as protection from injury. Extremely lightweight (10.2 -7.2 oz), and available online for about 150 USD, Newton Running Shoes are a compelling choice for both professionals and hobbyists.

Kenya Robinson for DESIGN FUTURIST


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