Less is More

Micro-Compact House

In the age of modern sustainability, the concept of luxury encompasses more than the collection of high-end baubles, it’s increasingly about exclusivity of experience. The Micro-Compact Home, or M-Ch, offers a unique short-term living space fully contained within 2.6 meters squared. Developed by a collaborative team of researchers and designers based in London and the Technical University in Munich, M-Ch incorporates design details most “at home” in the automotive and aeronautics industry. While currently only available in geographical Europe, the exterior is customizable (paint and/or graphics) and recyclable after an average 5-year lifespan. Basic expansion packages are also available, as modified doors can connect two units in a modular fashion. Plans for Stateside introduction are forthcoming; perhaps a streamlined weekend home will become the must have-item for Memorial Day weekend 2008. http://www.microcompacthome.com

Kenya Robinson for DESIGN FUTURIST


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