Member’s Only Boutique


Member’s Only Boutique
It is no secret that the British tend to favor member’s only. Popular private watering holes for creatives include Soho Hotel, Blacks and Adam Street. New York is gaining pace with Soho House, Norwood and Supper Club. On a recent trip to Notting Hill I met Clare Rous, the founder of Rous Iland, a member’s only fashion boutique. While it is necessary to call before arrival, the store is able to keep odd hours at a member’s request. I visited rather later in the evening and was impressed by the collection of affordable high-end fashion from cutting-edge designers such as Noir and Erotokritos. Fun accessories, weekend-glitter and transitional business attire for the working girl. Luxury, practicality, and style crammed into a tiny private townhouse space. A great example of innovation at retail. Rather than follow the formula of competitors, they tried something different. Well done, I say. For more please visit



2 responses to “Member’s Only Boutique

  1. Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your travels with us. Even the Rous Iland website communicates the high level of personal attention and innovative luxury– I can’t wait to tell my globe trotting fashionista friends!

  2. Who buys this stuff??!! I checked out their website following an article in the Times. They are selling fashion items made from the skins of snakes and crocodiles. I am an active volunteer for Peta and I hope to bring the unethical treatment of animals to the attention of the masses. Why should innocent creatures suffer just to satisfy vain arrogant fashion victims?

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