At DESIGN FUTURIST, I am currently involved in multiple sustainable projects including organic textiles, light shipping and ethical labor for luxury brands. In the high-end market, innovation is not the only factor. I must design beautiful products that provide a sense of cool, opulence and function. Pairing the two components is not always easy. Holistically ‘green’ product design has its limitations including price, what textile mills and manufacturers may be used. Most shrink at this crossroad. Noir however, has decided to build a mill of their own. The most impressive team I have seen since Arcyterx (who build a state of the art factory in Canada to create exceptional technical mountain gear). Noir, a Danish label, designs sexy modern tailor-mades for women. Fifty percent of the collection is made from organic fair-trade African cotton. Some of the cotton is treated to created complex finishes and textures. Noir also shares proceeds with the Noir Foundation, to provide medicine and micro-loans to families. A truly innovative fashion business I support.



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