Recycled Fashion

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is responsible for a large part of the world’s pollution. From manufacturing to shipping, tons of toxic chemicals, CO2 and greenhouse gasses are discharged, and huge amounts of oil and energy are consumed.  That said, where can one go for stylish, yet eco-friendly clothing?  Enter Goodone, a British label that creates hip and trendy clothes made from recycled garments. 

Founded by two Brighton University graduates, Nin Castle and Phoebe Emerson, Goodone takes second-hand or throwaway clothing and repurposes them into new garments that don’t look obviously recycled.  Their style has an urban and edgy vibe, with each garment being unique since all textiles and prints come from used clothing.  All products are locally hand-made from individually chosen recycled garments or sourced from textile recycling factories.  What is innovative about Goodone is that they are providing a creative and sustainable solution to counteract the damage that the fashion industry has been wreaking upon the environment.  By using materials that already exist, they don’t need to consume more energy or expend more toxic waste in order to manufacture new products.  And unlike some other companies that have hopped on the recycling bandwagon, Goodone’s garments are not only eco-friendly and fashionable, but also completely realistic and wearable.  Now that’s fashion with a conscience.  WU


3 responses to “Recycled Fashion

  1. Wow!! Fashion with a Conscience. What a sharp turn of
    the concept! I am very impressed by the portrait of a
    caring image for an industry that historically has been perceived as only belonging to the rich and the self-centered class of people. Fashion with a Conscience –
    excellent term!!

  2. Caught me reading for your great pictures and model. Hope to see more 🙂

  3. Hey I’ve just got to say how over the moon I am about your site its something I’m so very passionate about and also concerned I myself experiment with recycled textile techniques to create one off pieces of art fashion. Please may I have your permission to feature you on my blog? (my blog is a new born). So I would be very happy indeed to do a post on you, this is a great cause and there for the word should be spread at (light speed may I just add, hehehe) . Look forward to hearing from you…


    Ps please feel free to drop me an email.

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