Prada Link Watch


LG and Prada have partnered together to make the Prada Link watch, an accessory to the new Prada II phone. The sleek, black, leather and stainless steel watch sorts calls and text messages without having to reach into your pocket or purse. Although the partnership between LG and Prada does prove that fashion and technology are beginning to work together to make beautiful functional accessories, it seems that the first generation of the phone needs more attention. The watch operates through Bluetooth and while it conveniently tells you who is calling, you still have to find your phone to take the call. The battery life is 48 hours requiring a charge every other night. At this point in the game it seems that a little more development needs to be done before this luxury good becomes useful, perhaps voice recognition would be the next step. Also, there is the concern for adding more stuff to your life and using more materials rather than smarter stuff and greener materials. Aside from the function, the aesthetic design is fantastic – an elegant and substantial watch demanding attention. Currently there is no pricing or US release date available.

Prada Link Watch and Phone Video



3 responses to “Prada Link Watch

  1. The watch is clever and good looking. That said, I must point out how unsustainable it is. Once the software is dated I imagine the watch will loose its value. Our disposable electronics culture leads to more batteries, metals and plastics in the trash. Let’s build and buy for longevity.

  2. Agreed. Longevity is key, especially since loads of those discarded electronics are hazardously processed in developing countries…

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