Bionic Yarn

Beautiful, sustainable and durable. That’s the motto for Bionic Yarn and hopefully part of the fashion industry’s New Years resolution. 

Return Textiles Corp, a two-year-old New York based company, engineers and manufactures sustainable yarn and fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. The construct is made of a polyester core wrapped in recycled plastic and then depending on what the fabric will be used for, a combination of nylon, polyester or cotton will be wrapped around the recycled plastic in two different directions creating a tension similar to a Chinese finger trap. The durable fabric is used to make backpacks, luggage, handbags, active apparel, work wear, denim, footwear, home and outdoor furnishings.

Bionic Yarn Construction


According to Bionic Yarn it takes eighteen 1 liter recycled water bottles to make an average piece of luggage and seven recycled plastic bottles to make a pair of jeans. With 60 million plastic bottles from consumers being put into landfills daily, there is more than enough supply to continue developing these types of sustainable fabrics.

 Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams the Grammy winning musician and a new investor and owner of Bionic Yarn has incorporated the new material into his own clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.  Pharrell was quoted as having said he was fascinated with the technology and pleased with the softness of the denim as well. With growing concern for the environment Williams will be an ambassador to the company. As Pharrell says, “Our goal is to be the go-to fabric supplier. We want to provide quality fabrics that also happen to be sustainable. We want to do everything from high end luggage to high end denim, to university caps and gowns to Parks Department uniforms. It’s a plus that the fabric brings environmentalism to a whole new level.”

Let’s hope so Pharrell, let’s hope so.

Bionic Yarn

Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream


3 responses to “Bionic Yarn

  1. Dear Sir,

    Is it commercially viable for Bulk production ? Is it approved by any health organisation ?

    Please give me more inputs on it so that we can use it for Denim.

    Is there any restrictions on processing the denim fabric using Bionic Yarn ?


    Dipak Chowdhury

  2. Dipak, thanks for your inquiry. I suggest that you contact Return Textiles directly for details on availability and environmental protocol. If you require further assistance with sustainable fabrics or new design ideas, please email us at NATALIA

  3. Natalia thanks for the article, to answer your readers question, Bionic Yarn is in commercial production. We are always looking for brands to partner with, such as our partnerships with Cole Hann and recently with Montcler. We just want to make sure that the match would be a perfect fit for both.

    Contact me for more info.

    On partnering up with Bionic Yarn

    You can check out more at your blog

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