Dangerous Chemicals In Your Clothing

Did you know that the products you wear contain dangerous chemicals that have a proven harmful effect on your health? Not only do we have to give careful consideration to the food we put in our bodies, we must consider the clothing and shoes we wear. Worst of all, children are the most vulnerable to the negative effects of chemicals that are added to otherwise perfectly safe materials. Two-year-old children are being exposed to dangerous levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in domestic products such as rubber clogs and sun creams, according to an EU investigation being studied by the government. So what can you do? Until these chemicals are banned, it is important to choose products certified organic.

Hormone disrupting chemicals used in household products

• Phthalates are used in the manufacture of rubber clogs, rubber boots, soap packaging, products made from PVC, bath mats and soft toys. They are also found in food products as a result of environmental pollution, according to the Danish study.

• Oestrogen-like substances, including chemicals known as parabens, occur in cosmetics, sun creams and moisturising lotions.

• Pesticides, such as DDT, dioxins and PCBs, are also known hormone-disruptors.

If you would like to lean about what the European Union is doing to regulate the this problem, please click here.


6 responses to “Dangerous Chemicals In Your Clothing

  1. About 2 years ago I started buying organic tee shirts – not always, but sometimes. I have noticed that they have almost all worn better than the synthetic or chemically grown cotton shirts.

  2. Thanks for sharing – as you noted, there are many upsides to supporting certified organic!

  3. It bothers me that people are putting recycled things in clothes that weren’t good for you the first time around, oh we’re gone green. Hey what about that pertro based recycled gabage your wearing. What kinds of toxins did they emit to the workers ? Where it was made? In a sweatshop by a child.OMG Lets use some common sense. Hold the fire retardent please!

  4. I could not agree with you more. If we are going to recycle materials into new clothes (as we should), we need to design materials that are safe for use and reuse. Too many companies are trying to profit off of the green movement, instead of moving from good intentions to provide genuinely sustainable products. Consumers must consider what they buy and ask questions because there is so much hype out there. In the long run, the brands who have adopted truly sustainable design and business practices will thrive.

  5. Francis Oliverio

    Hi Natalia!

    I am so amazed by your vision! I am very new in the field of fashion design in my local community (Cebu, Philippines) and reading your articles and watching your videos in Youtube inspired me a lot. I am certainly looking at fashion at a whole new perspective. I am rethinking how I make my design studio better by moving towards sustainable fashion. In fact I am coming up with a collection of recycled denim. It’s not that amazing, I mean I am just going to upcycle denim into dresses, gowns, capes, jumpers, etc. but I believe it’s a start, a means of communicating to an audience. I just realized that so much denim is put to waste because of “fashion”, and the trends are moving so quickly that people tend to consume more denim. Haven’t you noticed that non-stretch denim is junked because almost all denim that are in the stores have stretch qualities? Denim is a very strong material that can last years and I don’t want to waste the cotton that it is made of. So there…

    Thank you so much for inspiring me and so many others.


    • Thanks Francis, you’re so right.

      Keep plowing ahead, I’m confident your investment in sustainable innovation will bring you continued success.

      All the best!

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