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Digital Downtown

Digital Downtown

New York held its new annual Digital Downtown, a consumer technology showcase at the World Financial Center Winter Garden this past weekend.  It featured the latest innovative trends on consumer electronics, from high definition televisions, mobile devices, audio, to energy saving and gaming devices.

Flat screen HDTV’s dominated the majority of the atrium with the new ultra thin 1.5 inch Hitachi standing out. The images were so clear, consumers stood for minutes admiring the image quality.  But, Roland, the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic musical instruments had the most amazing demonstrations of what the future brings.  One demonstration that stood out is known as “the parent’s dream” the silent drum set made of rubber, is attached to headphones that allow each hit, tap, snare to be translated to the original instrumental sound.  Another demonstration that stood out was the double keyboard with a microphone attachment that allowed you to sing into the microphone out of tune as it translates your tone perfectly into pitch. The instrument allowed the demonstrator to sing orchestral back up to Mariah Carey’s a cappella. With this new product soon to be in consumer hands, can anyone be the next Mariah Carey?

Technology is redefining our future and the way we communicate. New York, now being apart of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) can now spread the innovative developments through its global entertainment and media.  HANNA

Digital Downtown


Step it Up

The Renegade Craft Fair was held in Brooklyn this past weekend, showcasing the talents of various arts-and-crafts vendors, and promoting the increasingly popular form of “do-it-yourself” design. Fashion companies, such as Threadless ( and Urban Tailor ( are jumping on the DIY bandwagon by allowing customers to design their own garments or create their own graphic tees online. User-friendly web pages allow customers to click and create customized clothing based on provided styles and textiles. With the help of Internet technology, customers can instantly create and preview their own customized clothing.
Sneaker goliath, Nike, takes this trend one step further with their latest creation: Nike PhotoID. Combining mobile technology with the DIY trend, Nike PhotoID allows fans to create sneakers based on snapshots taken by their cell phones. The new program analyzes dominant colors in the photograph and then transfers those colors into a sneaker template. An image of the shoe is sent back to the mobile phone, and users have the option to save it as a wallpaper or order the actual footwear. The customized color-ways are available on Nike’s classic 1985 Dunk high-top basketball sneakers. Currently, Nike PhotoID is only available in Europe. WU

Instant Gratification

ZINK Digital Camera (with Interior Printer)

During the height of its popularity, in the mid-1970’s, Americans reportedly spent more on Polaroid film than on toothpaste. Dental hygiene aside, the appeal for instant pictures hasn’t waned in the digital age. With massive scrap-booking options, wallets awaiting familial snapshots, and the ubiquity of the camera phone, some images simply demand a place in the analog world of glossy photo paper. Bridging the gap between technology and nostalgia is ZINK ( ZINK (or Zero Ink), in association with printing mainstay Konica Minolta, has developed paper embedded with reactive crystals, that when heated, activate and colorize to create full color prints. A tentative launch date for the all-in-one printer/camera device and a mobile printer (which can sync to your camera phone) is set for January 2008.

In the meantime, you can pilfer a few photo composition tips from The Art of the American Snapshot exhibit currently at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC (

Imagine– no toner, no cartridges; just crystals and captured memories.

Kenya Robinson for DESIGN FUTURIST