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Phones of the Future


We were eagerly awaiting the G-Phone. Instead Google surprised us with Android, an operating system for mobile devices (

More than 30 technology and mobile companies including T-Mobile and Motorola have come together with Google to create an innovative mobile platform that is more user-friendly. The new platform allows for seamless access and movement of data.

Android is an open-source software and runs on Linux version 2.6 and Java. It includes typical applications such as: contacts, maps and a web browser, but with more of the Internet’s efficiency and usefulness.

Android software stack
1, Optimizes multiple virtual machines to run at once with Dalvik
2, Accelerates graphics by combining both 2D and 3D graphics based on OpenGLS
3, Faster Internet with 3G networking and WiFi technology
4, Streets views, pan around, and zoom in with GPS
5, Open source WebKit, enables you to view a screen as it would appear on a desktop

Researchers are expected to improve and add to the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), leaving the possibility for endless innovation. Phones containing the Android platform will be available later this year.

Google does not want to sell us a phone, they want to revolutionize the way phones operate. They won’t sell us an operating system, they want to provide it to every phone for free. So how will Google make its investment back? Ad revenue of course. Now that’s clever. NATALIA ALLEN


Tribute to A-POC

I recently visited the Issey Miyake flagship store located in Tribeca and was floored by the originality and the novel concepts of Mr. Issey Miyake’s designs. A-POC, a line that was unveiled a little under ten years ago, brings one back to basics but with a technological spin that truly connects the garment with the consumer. Miyake’s motto for A-POC has been “to clothe the human body with a single piece of cloth” and to “create clothes that anyone could wear”. A-POC’s razor-sharp geometries and future-forward aesthetics have been applauded, however, it is the secret of the fabric that makes A-POC truly captivating. In the basement of the flagship store, I saw a tube of cloth being fed into what looked like a printing press. It is in this little moment when the beauty of A-POC comes to life. The machine creates little perforated holes into the fabric in the shape of the garment. That is all that is done. All that is left is for the consumer to use their own creativity to cut into the fabric along the perforated lines, or not, to create that perfect look.This article and animated video clip by Sato Masahiko were purely ways for me to shed a little limelight on A-POC and commend Mr. Issey Miyake. =)