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Sustainable Luxury

Tom Dixon for Lacoste

With over 1,800 exhibitors in China, many of the big names flock to Interstoff Asia, one of the largest international textile fair events in the industry. In 2006, Interstoff held 52,000 visitors, there to witness trend forecasts along with informative tips for the upcoming year. So what dominated the racks of Interstoff Asia for this season? Rising trends of eco-friendly fabrics appears to have influenced our neighbors in the East, as many of the exhibitors displayed high-performance fabrics that were comprised of environmentally friendly fibers and dyes. Several fabrics highlighted include bamboo knits from Taiwan, organic cotton and flax from South Korea, and fabrics dyed with oolong tea and persimmon from Japanese firm, Tsuyakin Kogyo. Although innovative and exciting, a shirt made from recycled plastic bottles may not be a preference for luxury consumers. With the buzz of ‘eco-friendly’ rising and beginning to dominate the fabric industry, one wonders if Chanel bamboo suits and Armani tea stained shirts are on the horizon, or is eco-friendly and luxury a contradiction? Featured below, ECO POLO made from organic materials by Tom Dixon for Lacoste special edition. NATALIA


Innovative Sight, Visionary Design

The Next-Generation Sunglasses, DigInfo

Imagine watching television or your desktop in the lens of your glasses while walking around. Citizen Technology Center recently introduced a prototype of their new LCD sunglasses. The design of the sunglasses uses plastic film to interpose liquid crystals on the lens portion where glass is normally used. This drastically reduces the weight of the glasses along with the width of the lens to under 400um. Touch sensors on the side of the glasses allow the wearer to change the tint of the lens. Although there are some kinks in need of review, these new glasses will definitely released with high expectations. NATALIA