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designfuturist.com is now Live

Design Futurist recently launched a new website. This blog is now hosted at www.designfuturist.com/news. We hope you’ll find the new layout more comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy to navigate. We welcome your feedback and look forward making a difference with you!



How Can We Do Good

INDEX: is the world’s INDEX: to Design to Improve Life. From Denmark, by the world, for the world.

Kigge Hvid, CEO INDEX: recalls, “The change came about because upon establishing INDEX: we traveled, talked and listened – to designers, media people, CEOs, heads of design and innovation, to academics and to artists – all over the world.”

“During these initial conversations, we strived to understand what a world event for design should focus on and offer if it should be of relevance to our interlocutors.”

During those talks, Kigge says, everyone – no matter where or how distinctive their settings – pointed to the human potential of design and to the value of design perception, not only in traditional products but also in the design of services, process and systems.

Recently, I had a chat with INDEX: about my work, fashion, and the future of sustainability.

For the complete interview visit: http://tiny.cc/5SAC9

Green Herald: A Meeting of New Champions

Interview with Green Herald magazine during the Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, China.

Green Herald Magazine is based on China Entrepreneur Club. It is a bimonthly business magazine, pursuing, predicting and leading an age of Green innovation. The magazine is involved in a great action – to promote future-oriented new business.


American Organic Cotton

Fact: America is the world’s largest exporter of cotton.

Fact: The production of organic cotton is still less than one per cent of total cotton production.

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