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GenArt Genisis

In Greek, Ninaki means something small or precious. It is fitting that Ninaki Priddy would be destined to design jewelry.

Jewelry design was not the original plan, she started out as a biology major (many great designers start off in science). This proved to be the main inspiration for her first collection.

An LA based jewelry designer of Mexican-American heritage, Ninaki is also a sculptor and architect. Her organic forms are captured from still frames of movements, put together to create fluidity in form. The bold collection morphs into continuous whimsical shapes with touches of natural elements.

Recently, she won the accessory design competition for the GenArt Styles International Design Competition. We think this is a first of many to come.

This year, Ninaki plans to expand her line to include necklaces, earrings, ear-cuffs and hair-pins. Yes, custom ear-cuffs, her unique take on modern ornament.

New jewelry design for a new generation of women. NATALIA


Iconique Societas Awards

Launched in 2007 by Joost van Gorsel, publisher of and Melissa Sterry, CEO of Societás – the ‘Iconique Societás Excellence in Fashion Awards’ bring the global spotlight to the best emerging and most influential talent working in the genres of fashion photography and fashion illustration.

The awards jury for 2008 has just been announced and includes acclaimed Dutch photographer Ari Versluis, maverick fashion designer Arkadius, Brit milliner Louis Mariette – dubbed one of the 250 most influential creatives in the world by I-D Magazine, award-winning New York designer NATALIA ALLEN, owner of the UK’s much acclaimed ‘The Illustration Gallery’ – Oliver Jelf, McCann Group’s Head of Innovation Justin Champney, Vice President of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada – Rod Roodenburg, top stylist and regular contributer to Italian Vogue Michael Dye, as well as awards founders Joost and Melissa.

Last year’s awards gained global coverage and entries from fashion creatives in the UK, EU, US, Asia and beyond. Iconique and Societás plan to extend the award categories yet further in 2009 – to embrace the full spectrum of the fashion visual arts.

Entry details for the 2008 awards will be announced soon, so watch this space and and for more information.

Missing the Mark

Several forecasts on the future of technology and design exposed how little attention is paid to the customer. Few prioritize how and why humans benefit from technology, desire or will use it in ten years. Instead the reports glorified novel ideas and small improvements on existing products. Innovation is already an overused word, however, in it’s meaning there is opportunity to institute change. There are very few of us that get excited at the thought of nano-particle formation or new computer widgets. We do enjoy saved time, easier commutes and cleaner environments. Only when companies organize behind the belief that good design equals good business, will the product offerings progress modern life. That said, every now and then beautiful innovation rises to the top, so I am hopeful. NATALIA ALLEN



At DESIGN FUTURIST, I am currently involved in multiple sustainable projects including organic textiles, light shipping and ethical labor for luxury brands. In the high-end market, innovation is not the only factor. I must design beautiful products that provide a sense of cool, opulence and function. Pairing the two components is not always easy. Holistically ‘green’ product design has its limitations including price, what textile mills and manufacturers may be used. Most shrink at this crossroad. Noir however, has decided to build a mill of their own. The most impressive team I have seen since Arcyterx (who build a state of the art factory in Canada to create exceptional technical mountain gear). Noir, a Danish label, designs sexy modern tailor-mades for women. Fifty percent of the collection is made from organic fair-trade African cotton. Some of the cotton is treated to created complex finishes and textures. Noir also shares proceeds with the Noir Foundation, to provide medicine and micro-loans to families. A truly innovative fashion business I support.


Arm Architecture


Luxury for men has traditionally been relegated to timepieces or high-performance automobiles; here to expand the offerings of this growing market sector is ARMREVOLUTION. Specializing in thoroughly modern cuff links that speak to architectural inspirations, and the sleek elegance of Japanese steel, this London-based brand infuses its product with a cloak and dagger sexiness that is hard to resist. Engraved with a unique identification number, and housed in a polished acrylic box, each pair grants the owner access into exclusive ARMREVOLOUTION events.


A visit to the website ( reveals a world of ambiguous intrigue, where you’re introduced to Arm Architecture by a trio of raven-haired beauties. It is the seamless combination of urbanity, opulence and function that makes ARMREVOLUTION a performance pick for masculine style.

Kenya Robinson


Sustainable Luxury

Tom Dixon for Lacoste

With over 1,800 exhibitors in China, many of the big names flock to Interstoff Asia, one of the largest international textile fair events in the industry. In 2006, Interstoff held 52,000 visitors, there to witness trend forecasts along with informative tips for the upcoming year. So what dominated the racks of Interstoff Asia for this season? Rising trends of eco-friendly fabrics appears to have influenced our neighbors in the East, as many of the exhibitors displayed high-performance fabrics that were comprised of environmentally friendly fibers and dyes. Several fabrics highlighted include bamboo knits from Taiwan, organic cotton and flax from South Korea, and fabrics dyed with oolong tea and persimmon from Japanese firm, Tsuyakin Kogyo. Although innovative and exciting, a shirt made from recycled plastic bottles may not be a preference for luxury consumers. With the buzz of ‘eco-friendly’ rising and beginning to dominate the fabric industry, one wonders if Chanel bamboo suits and Armani tea stained shirts are on the horizon, or is eco-friendly and luxury a contradiction? Featured below, ECO POLO made from organic materials by Tom Dixon for Lacoste special edition. NATALIA

Taste and Technology

Featured, Hussein Chalayan’s innovative Spring 2007 RTW collection. This collection is a rare spectacle and proof that fashion still has the ability to inspire. The self-undressing clothes are automated by circuits traditionally found in electronics. His transformable and light emitting dresses leave the audience in awe. Chalayan admits the designs are only prototypes, however believes the work is critical to driving fashion forward and pushing boundaries set by tradition. The futuristic fashion was accompanied by a unique and fitting soundtrack made from the beats of a helicopter rotor. Well done Chalayan. NATALIA